In keeping up with Technology Amiga has purchased a new state of the art Mazak Intergrex i200S, 5 axis machining centre and will use this to do new work as well as manufacture some of its already complex components in 1 operation instead of some 4 processes.

This new machine can make both sides of a component from start to finish and has the ability to machine full 5 axis simultaneously and not just 3 + 2.

It machines the product completely one side and transfers it to a second spindle where it completes the machining operations on the second side.

Milling, Turning, Gear-cutting and Splining can be done on this machine along with any Drilling, Tapping, Slotting and keyway milling.

This is new technology and requires new thinking and approaches to work. A section of our team is currently undergoing full training in the use of this machine, its capability and the Cad/Cam techniques involved in true 5 axis machining.

Some of the complex work that can be done on this machine can be seen in the video below.