Varmec Spare Parts

Varmec gearbox spare parts
Spare Parts

Do you need Varmec spare parts?

If you are refurbishing your Gearbox, Variator or Variable Pulley Drive and require Varmec spare parts for your unit, call Amiga Engineering as we keep almost all parts readily available on our shelves.

This is especially helpful if customers are in an emergency breakdown situation, with no time to send Amiga the gearbox for our Strip & Report service.

Amiga Engineering are here to help you. If new units are not required a large range of spare parts are available on the shelf for clients who would prefer to refurbish their industrial gearboxes themselves.

What we need from you:

  • Serial number/Code from your gearbox (located on name tag attached to the gearhead)
  • Frame/Type number of the gearbox
  • If you have already disassembled the gearbox  and have a part number handy, we just need the part number.


  • We can then put a maintenance manual together for you, which has a spare parts list and diagram
  • You can highlight any parts required, email it back to
  • Staff will then put a quote together for you

Note – If ever in doubt, almost all Varmec gears and Casting parts have a part number stamped on one face. All bearings and seals have a part number stamped on one face (by manufacturers).


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